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Treatment Details

Initial Consult
50 min $150
  • Perform a detailed Health History

  • Create a functional medicine test plan tailored to your needs, order labs accordingly

  • Design a personalized diet plan to begin right away while tests are being processed

  • Construct a general supplement support protocol while tests are being processed

  • Provide Educational Materials

Review Test Results
50 min $150
  • In depth test review
  • Design a diet and supplement protocol based on test results
  • Recommend further testing if necessary



Follow Up Appointments
30 min $75
  • Check in every 2-3 weeks to assess progress

  • Adjust plan according to feedback

  • Prescribe more testing if necessary

In home Functional Medicine Testing
Prices ranges from $150-$400 (there is no mark-up for ordering the labs)
  • Comprehensive blood work

  • Stool Panels - GI maps and Doctor's Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • Hormone and Cortisol Panels - specializing in the DUTCH hormone test

  • Methylation Panels

  • Organic Acids Test


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